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Emma Halnan Biography_Full.doc Emma Halnan Biography_Full.doc
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Emma Halnan Biography_Short.doc Emma Halnan Biography_Short.doc
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Daniel King-Smith Biography.doc Daniel King-Smith Biography.doc
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Hristo Dushev Biography.doc Hristo Dushev Biography.doc
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High Resolution Publicity Photos (for printing):


Emma Halnan-1 (colour, high-res).jpg Emma Halnan-1 (colour, high-res).jpg
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Emma_Halnan-3 (colour high res).jpg Emma_Halnan-3 (colour high res).jpg
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Black & White

Emma_Halnan-3 (black & white high res).jpg Emma_Halnan-3 (black & white high res).jpg
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Low Resolution Publicity Photos (for web or email):

Emma_Halnan-3 (colour low res).jpg Emma_Halnan-3 (colour low res).jpg
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Emma_Halnan-3 (black & white lo res).jpg Emma_Halnan-3 (black & white lo res).jpg
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Note: Where possible/appropriate use of these photos should be accompanied by the following credit:

Emma Halnan-3:   Photo by Julian Newman Turner
                                              Or where appropriate:
                                              Photo by Julian Newman Turner

Emma Halnan-1:   Photo by Ben Halnan
                                              Or where appropriate:
                                              Photo by Ben Halnan